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Jerk Soup Recipes

Over the last decade Jamaican jerk style dishes have become a phenomenon globally. This has led to over 300 different jerk cooking techniques and variation of recipes. GetJamaica.Com a pioneer in Jamaican recipes and dishes has teamed up with Michael 'Soupy' Richards to deliver the very first of its kind Jerk Soup Recipes.

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A first of its kind anywhere in the world! Jerk Soup Recipes have began to take the world by storm. There are over 80 variations of the soup dish. Ranging from broths, bisques, stocks, chicken and poultry based, beef and pork based, fish and other seafood based, vegetable and vegan based; all made with unique ingredients that give it a Jamaican Jerk Recipe flavor.

Michael 'Soupy' Richards has now received legendary status among fellow cooks and chefs with his invention and continues to push the bar by delivering two new secret jerk seasoning and marinade recipes which are both the secret behind the Jerk Soup Recipes phenomenon.

Not many professional chefs or cooks know the art of being able to create that unique and delectable Jamaican Jerk taste 'without actually jerking the meat on a grill'. However in his very first publication Soupy has broken the mold and given away the secret that Jamaican chefs and cooks held so dearly.

You can download his Cookbook - Jerk Soup Recipes Volume I right here on this website.

Here are just a few of things you get when you download the Cookbook:

Benefits Of Jerk Soup Recipes

Over 100 Jamaican Jerk Soup recipes and dishes for every occasion and course.

Benefits Of Jerk Soup Recipes

Two Super Secret Recipes being used by cooks and chefs to create Jerk recipes right from their stove.

Benefits Of Jerk Soup Recipes

The Amazing No Grilling Technique used to create Jamaican jerk recipes from home.

Benefits Of Jerk Soup Recipes

Over 50 Cooking Tips and Hints enabling you to prepare culinary soup dishes delights that make even the worlds best of the cooks and chefs envious.

Benefits Of Jerk Soup Recipes

The tricks of the trade that pros use every day to make Soups, whether vegetable, seafood or meat based.

Benefits Of Jerk Soup Recipes

Very Simple Recipes for making incredible and delicious Jamaican Vegan Dishes.

Benefits Of Jerk Soup Recipes

How even a beginner can start making Jamaican jerk soup recipes overnight that make it seem as if they have been cooking for years.

Benefits Of Jerk Soup Recipes

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